Automotive Surface Protection and Restoration

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What is VentureShield Paint Protection Film?
This film is manufactured by 3M. However, the manufacturing approach and process is different from other 3M brand PPF products. 3M/VentureShield is the toughest chip protection film on the market. Combining excellent elastic properties and optical clarity with a high shear and tack adhesive, 3M/VentureShield is twice as stone resistant as many of its competitors. It is a proven performer and is routinely cited as having the clearest finish of all PPFs. It is backed by a five year manufacturer warranty.

What is Xpel Paint Protection Film?
Xpel Technologies Corp. has forged the cutting-edge of automotive paint protection technology and is an industry leader in price, quality, technical support and customer service. Developing some of the industries best products in automotive film protection, it is a solid performer. Xpel's latest triumph in breakthrough technology is Xpel "Ultimate" PPF. It the Industries first "self healing" PPF. Almost completely damage proof it is backed by an extensive ten year warranty.

What is PremiumShield Paint Protection Film?
By combining an industry first, patent pending, clear coat with a tried and true aliphatic polyurethane resin, PremiumShield products are the ideal protective film for any surface. 
It has excellent elastic properties and optical clarity with high shear and tack adhesive, PremiumShield, like its predecessor VentureShield is twice as stone-resistant as the leading competitor. PremiumShield has been tested worldwide with results that prove, time and time again, that this product is among the clearest and strongest paint protection film on the market. PremiumShield PPF comes with a five year warranty and PremiumShield Elite comes with a lifetime warranty.

What is SunTek Paint Protection Film?
This film offers superior protection against road rash and environmental debris with it's 100% optically clear high-gloss finish. A proprietary self healing top-coat that is solvent, scratch and crack resistant increases the longevity of the film. It's backed with a full factory 5 year warranty. 

How much does Paint Protection Film cost?
The price of the film depends on how large or small of an area you want protected.
We offer competitively priced packages that fit almost any budget, from basic to
extensive coverage.

Why our prices may be slightly higher than others?
You get what you pay for. Our company does not price-match. We focus on providing
the highest degree of installation excellence and customer satisfaction utilizing
premium grade 8 mil film. Newer companies in the industry sometimes rely on lower
pricing, lower grade film and less coverage per panel to attract price sensitive customers
because they, in general, cannot compete on the quality side. We focus on the future and
the longevity of our business. It may be wiser to ask ‘Why is the ‘Other Company’ so
cheap?’ rather than why we are more.

Will the paint protection film yellow over time?
When properly maintained, 3M/VentureShield, Xpel, PremiumShield, and SunTek Protection Film should not yellow. We strongly encourage utilizing maintenance products such as, cleaners, stain removers/inhibitors and sealants to ensure the film's longevity as well as long-term customer satisfaction. These products are easy to apply, reasonably priced and are available through Fat Cat Customs.

Can paint protection film be washed/waxed?
Yes, but caution should be used when using a high pressure wash, keeping the nozzle several inches away from the edge of the film. We recommend using Plexus Plastic Cleaner, available through Fat Cat Customs.

How long does it take to install a paint protection kit?
With pre-cut kits, installations are typically completed in 3-4 hours. At the custom level, it would depend on exact coverage to determine the amount of time.

I don’t like to see the line on the hood, can you cover the entire hood?
Yes, on most vehicles we can, but remember that this will affect your total cost as more film is used and installation time is longer.

I have an aftermarket bumper, can you cover this?
Yes, utilizing custom install techniques.

Will there be a two-tone effect if the paint protection film is ever removed?
As long as the uncovered portions of the paint were regularly washed and waxed, then there would be no indication that film was ever installed if it were to be removed.

Is the application of paint protection film permanent?
This is one of the many benefits of paint protection film - it does not have to be a permanent application; however, it may require professional removal. Today's PPF uses an acrylic adhesive which can be safely removed with little or no residue, leaving your vehicle looking as great as the day you bought it.

I just had my bumper repainted. How long do I have to wait before installing paint protection film?
Recommended cure time would be 15-30 days.

Do I need to prep the car before installation?
The cleaner the vehicle, the better, however, we would do the proper prep work.

What can be done about wax build up along the seams and how can I avoid it?
It is important to understand that wax may leave a white line on the seam. We recommend not waxing over the seams and cleaning the film and uncovered portions separately to keep from wax buildup. If you accidentally wax over the seam, just use a cotton swab dipped in isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol and wipe along the seam, being careful not to get excess alcohol on the film as the alcohol is a de-glossing agent. Another caution is to avoid buffing over the seams, which creates a noticeable wax line as well.

Will it diminish the appearance of my vehicle?
3M/VentureShield, Xpel and Nano-Fusion Paint Protection Film will protect your vehicle for years, and remain virtually invisible.

Will my vehicle fade differently under paint protection film?
No. 3M/VentureShield, Xpel, PremiumShield, and SunTek Paint Protection Film is UV stable, but will allow UV rays to pass through the film safely. This feature eliminates the "two paint shades" problem resulting from traditional "bras."

Can I cover my headlights?
Yes. Patterns are available for almost all headlights and customized installation is also available. Different colors are also available for off road / track use only.

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